But, how is this appartment ?

You enter the apartment on the ground floor level directly from the Antibes market. The windows are on the other side, overlooking a small street where they are on the first floor, the street below being one level underneath.

A big living room with a chimney, two bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, toilets and a bathroom are the main parts of the appartment.

On the third and top floor, a small service room can be used for an emergency sleeping contingency.

The surface is 85 m2 + 7 m2 (service room).

Let's have a look at the entrance of the appartment, then study the plan :

A house full of history

The building was the home of marshal André Masséna and a commemorative plate on the building reminds the passers by of this, the appartment used to be the dinner and reception part of the house.

Some Napoléon history

André Masséna, Duke of Rivoli, Prince of Essling, marshal of France, (Nice1758 - Paris 1817). Ex nco of the Royal italien, general in 1793, he commands in 1796 the avant-garde of the armée d'Italie, and wins the battle of Rivoli (1797). In 1799, his victory in Zurich save France from the invasion. Commanding the 4° corps, he distinguish himself at Essling and at Wagram (1809), but fails in Portugal, at Torres Vedras (1810). Napoléon had nicknamed him "Victorys blessed child".

Can I visit ?

Of course, let's take a walk in the market, then click on the rooms to see a picture of them.

Schema bungalow

We are on the Côte d'Azur...

So, where are the beaches?

Just looking: sand, pebbles, rocks, public, private, you are sure to find what you are loking for and all within a walking distance of the appartment.
The cap d'Antibes is one of the most beautiful spots on the Riviera.
In spite of an undeserved reputation, there is room for everybody, even in August, and where you still get a good service in the coast restaurants.

What about sailing?

The port Vauban is the biggest sporting harbour on the Riviera (1 700 berths). Sailing or motoring, tiny or huge, everything is available for rent.

It's not the bathing season, I'd like to go skiing

A little skiing resort, Gréolières, awaits you only half an hour's drive away. It is not the Alps but it is correctly equipped and it is the only one from which, when the weather is good, you can see Corsica.
A little further away, you will find the local skiing heavyweights : Isola, Auron, Valberg...

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